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ArkOwl 2.0 is Here!

More data sources. All-new API.

Everything at your fingertips

Quickly aggregate profile data from several social media sites, webmail providers, whois databases, and other open data sources to get a full picture of any email handle at a glance.

Quick Analysis

We automatically detect and highlight important information for email verification including email age or creation date, real names, known aliases, registration status with popular service providers, and associations with any known data breaches.

API and Batch Queries

Check hundreds or thousands of email handles at a time through direct integration with your existing fraud detection platform, or by utilizing our new batch query system.

ArkOwl Features

A few of the ways that ArkOwl stands out from its competitors.


No black box algorithms or mathimatical suggestions. No false positives or false negatives. We give you the raw data, tell you exactly what can be inferred from it, and nothing more.

Real-Time Data

Our data is 100% live, real-time data. No pulling from stale, potentially outdated databases.


We take privacy seriously. All data requests are anonymised and requested through ArkOwl so individual data providers cannot track information on our customers.


All connections are secured with 256-bit encryption and no sensitive data are retained in our logs.

Unlimited Users

No limits on users per paid account. Simply pay for the data you use.

Flexible Payment Options

Sign up for a monthly subscription, or pre-purchase queries and pay as you go. We accept credit card, check, or ACH.

What used to take me 3 minutes back when I was an analyst has been reduced to less than a second.
Rob Daline Co Founder, CEO
I'd like to think that my job makes hundreds of other jobs that much more efficient and easy.
Mike Greiling Co Founder, Lead Developer

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